Natural gemstone beads include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals, Jadeites, mutuals, tourmalines, garnets, crystals, agates, chalcedony, fluorites, obsidian, malachite, Sunstone, aquamarine, olivine, lapis lazuli, topaz, graptolite, Tianhe stone, opal, spinel, Haoshi, topaz, rubrum, Tianyan, coral, amber, Jasper White jade, Shoushan stone, Bloodstone, turquoise, heliolite, moonstone, Dongling stone, etc. Generally speaking, natural stone beads are the most beautiful and valuable stone, and it is rare. It includes two kinds of gems and jades in a narrow sense. In a narrow sense, gem refers to a single crystal mineral with natural substance (such as diamond) or compound (such as crystal). Jade is a kind of polycrystalline rock composed of a single mineral or a variety of minerals.